Where is your business going?

TIANSA is a multi-discipline consulting group which helps small and medium business owners to achieve their business goals.

 Michael Huntington

Lead Consultant

Michael Huntington has more than 25 years’ experience in helping business owners achieve their goals. His work has included assisting both start-up ventures and SMEs looking to successfully get to the next level.

Having developed and run his own businesses, held management roles and consulted to a broad range of SMEs, Michael Huntington brings a diverse range of relevant experience to his clients. Michael Huntington has a Bachelor of Business, a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investments and is qualified as a Chartered Accountant.


Where is your business going?

As a business owner you are faced with a vast range of challenges and opportunities on an ongoing basis, including:

  • Getting too busy which creates growing pains for the business
  • Making profits but not having enough cash
  • Working to reward employees, suppliers and the tax man and not yourself
  • Increasing business risk as the business grows
  • Having lots of opportunities, but are unable to take advantage of them all, or decide which ones to prioritise
  • Finding it difficult to take holidays or get away from the business
  • Feeling unsure about the long term plan or exit strategy.

If this is the case you need a long term strategic plan.

The Process

The key people in the business attend a half day work shop with our facilitator who will lead you through the process.

Strategic Planning Deliverables

  1. We identify your goals and objectives– why are you in the business and what do you want to achieve
  2. We analyse the critical issues and give them priority
  3. We develop a structured plan, with clear accountabilities and responsibilities, to make sure everyone is heading in  the same direction
  4. We enable you to get on with growing the business and achieving your goals



Where is your business going?

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